Our Solutions

Analytics Platform

The Analytics Platform collects, prepares and transforms all relevant data, after which dashboards, automated reports and analytical tools can be connected as separate output modules.

The platform applies state of the art machine learning – and forecasting – algorithms in order to provide the best insights for your needs.

Simulation Modelling

The Devise simulation module is an advanced and flexible simulation solution for urgent care services.

The solution provides a risk-free, virtual, test environment where network configurations under unique conditions can be tested, before taking large impact decisions.


Analyses and Advice

Devise provides custom advice and analyses in a broad range of areas, ranging from advice on operational setups to strategic planning.


Our Take on Insights


Nobody likes unnecessary complexity


A clear graph says more than a thousand numbers


Only actionable insights are valuable insights


The right context shapes the meaning of an insight


The best insights say something about tomorrow


An insight must be valid for its intended purpose

Designed for Your Ever Changing Needs

Devise provides a modular and customized approach to analytics that evolves together with the needs of your organisation.

We Understand the Emergency Care Sector

Starting as employees of UMCG Ambulancezorg, we understand the environment, processes and challenges of the sector and we designed our solutions based on its needs.



Renco Porton

Background – Several years of experience in urgent care analytics, Ir. in Industrial engineering and technology.

Build his first computergame when he was 8 years old.  

Tom Berger

Background – Several years of experience working for startups focussed on data driven marketing, MSc. in Strategy & Innovation.

Has lived and worked in Berlin for 4 years.  


Peter van den Berg

Background – Several years of mainframe development at Ortec, MSc. in Artificial Intelligence.

Has developed an android game that was downloaded over 35,000 times as a hobby.  

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